Shop Update – Corona-virus

Our Bothell location remains open currently. However, our Belper location is closed per the Government Guidelines. All of our tours are postponed until at least 2021. While we are looking forward to seeing you in our shops and traveling again, we are happy to be doing our part to slow the impact of this pandemic. In the meantime, please click on the shop pics to see the current hours and regulations at each location.

We hope to see you soon!

Introducing: Sankara Imports UK

We are thrilled to share with you our newest location in Belper, Derbyshire! We carry the same fabulous handicrafts from India, Nepal, and Turkey as we do in Bothell. We can’t believe how lucky we are to join the Best High Street in England!

Welcome to Sankara Imports

Sankara Imports is an ethically traded shop full of treasures from India, Nepal, and Turkey. Every piece in the shop was selected by Katey and Francesca who work directly with the artisans. Through their work with the artisans, Sankara is able to bring you beautiful, unique pieces at affordable prices that you can feel good in and about! Sankara also works with a variety of charities in India and Nepal with at least 5% of each purchase being donated to bring about positive change.

Sankara Imports believes that social impact and understanding can be made through the exchange of ideas and art. You can learn more about us here. Or you can find out more about our artists here. You can also find out more about our charitable partners here.

Introducing men's tops!

Charity of the Month


Established in 1986, VSAI works with the disabled and underprivileged population in India to create a society in which all people with disabilities can come together to learn, participate in, and enjoy the arts. Using the arts as a tool for social, educational, emotional, and vocational rehabilitation, VSAI attempts to nurture talented artists, provide them with a platform to display their accomplishments, build self-esteem, and facilitate their transition into ‘mainstream’ society.

Featured Artist


Zeenat and her family were originally from Rajasthan, but have lived in Chennai for many years. She makes the lac bangles as well as notebooks, earrings, and other small things. Lac is a type of resin which is collected, melted, and dyed in various colors (and glitter can be added as well for extra sparkle!). It is then applied to the base item, such as the bangles and the notebooks. On the bangles, she then swirls in a second color for some contrast. On the notebooks she presses in little pieces of mirror and plastic flowers to create designs. Once it is dry, they are ready to use!

Kavi & Leela

Leela and Kavi cuddle on the couch

Sankara’s Designs are for Every Body…

…and for every home!

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