Shop Update – Corona-virus

Both locations are currently open! Please follow local Covid guidelines when visiting us in person. Also, both online shops up and running! All of our tours are postponed until at Spring 2022. While we are are always pleased to see you in our shops, we are happy to be doing our part to slow the impact of this pandemic by offering online shopping at both locations, click & collect at both locations, and local delivery in Belper. Please click on the shop pics to see the current hours and regulations at each location. We hope to see you soon!

Covid in India

While we reopen in the US and the UK, the situation on the ground in India and Nepal is growing increasingly dire. Between the rapidly spreading virus, the lockdowns, the overflowing hospitals, and the lack of financial security; a growing community of people across the subcontinent are in need of extra support to survive the pandemic. We have kept in touch with many of our artisan friends and charitable partners. We have also donated to those who are providing community support. However, those in need are quickly overwhelming those providing support. If you can afford to do so, donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Even the smallest amount can help provide a meal or a lifesaving vaccine.

Here are suggested places to donate if you can which are providing outreach in their communities:

Local Women’s Handicrafts (Empowerment Collective), Kathmandu Nepal – Providing meals to anyone who needs them in Kathmandu

Sheroes Café, Agra India – Providing meals to those need them in Agra

Tara Homes, Delhi India – Transformed residential homes into makeshift hospitals & providing community support in their day centers.

Project Sunshine, Delhi India – Providing meals and hygiene materials to their community

Dalit Goods Co, Across India – Supporting hospitals and providing vaccine outreach throughout India. Coordinating a global prayer network.

Friendicoes, Delhi India – Supporting abandoned animals throughout Delhi, providing healthcare to street dogs, cats, and large animals in their sanctuary.

Welcome to Sankara Imports

Sankara Imports is an ethically traded shop full of treasures from India, Nepal, and Turkey. Every piece in the shop was selected by Katey and Francesca who work directly with the artisans. Through their work with the artisans, Sankara is able to bring you beautiful, unique pieces at affordable prices that you can feel good in and about! Sankara also works with a variety of charities in India and Nepal with at least 5% of each purchase being donated to bring about positive change.

Sankara Imports believes that social impact and understanding can be made through the exchange of ideas and art. You can learn more about us here. Or you can find out more about our artists here. You can also find out more about our charitable partners here.

Charity of the Month


Torch is an NGO working with children who live with their parents on the pavements of Delhi. These children are between 4 and 9 years old. Their goals are to give them a happy childhood and send them to school.

Featured Artist


Ramji is a traditional weaver near Bhuj. He works primarily with cotton, which he spins in house. He not only weaves each scarf by hand, but he also weaves in an almost embroidered design into the scarf as he goes. Each scarf can take 3-4 days to complete, depending on how elaborate the embroidered weaving design he chooses.

Sarahenna is back in the shop!

Click here to book your appointment with our favorite henna artist, Sarah! She’s back in the shop for private appointments starting June 9th in our Bothell, WA shop. Her calendar is filling up fast, so don’t wait too long to get in her calendar!

Sankara’s Designs are for Every Body…

…and for every home!

Kavi & Leela

Leela and Kavi cuddle on the couch

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