It has been nonstop action here in Jaipur! Katey has been meeting so many great people, and finding so much good stuff, that she’s fallen a little behind on writing it all up! However, she’s back to it, and here we go!

One of Katey’s favorite things to shop for is jewelry. And Jaipur is the place to find it! Jaipur has long been known for it’s jewelry, particularly silver and gems. As such, the city attracts jewelers from throughout India to work in the craft. At Katey’s favorite silver shop, all the jewelry is made in-house by a team of artisans who come from as local as the next street and as far as Bengal. They work in well lit and well ventilated rooms with a streamlined layout starting with where the silver is first cut into manageable pieces, drawn into wires, and cut into blanks. It is then shaped into the various jewelry pieces, and then the stones are inserted. Once the pieces are finished, they are polished and sent on to those who double check for inconsistencies. Once approved, Katey gets to look at them and pick out the latest and greatest for you!

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