In between the entertaining jaunts through Jaipur traffic, Katey has been finding even more elegant and charming block prints for the shop. While she has looked into how the block printing itself is created, now she’s finding how the various fabrics are transformed into the final goods which will end up in the shop. She has visited a number of places which specialize in a variety of fun things from clothing to housewares.

The more delicate block printed cottons are used to make a variety of clothing, particularly light and breezy tops, dresses, and scarves. The fabric is first brought into the cutting room where the patterns are applied and the fabric is cut. Once the fabric is in pieces, it is taken upstairs where it is put back together. Most of the seams are done by sewing machine, but particular styles still use hand stitching to create the traditional silhouettes. This particular facility specializes in a mix of traditional and fusion fashion which are becoming so popular that they are in the process of expanding. This means the sewing room is a bit crowded for a moment as the bigger facilities are completed next door.

While the lighter cottons are perfect for keeping you cool in summer, the heavier block printed fabric is perfect for housewares like tablecloths and bedspreads. While it is a lot of fun to pick through the stacks of designs, colors, and sizes of linens, it’s also hard for Katey to decide on her favorites! Once she selects her favorites, the linens are double checked for an even hem, then packed!

Each block printing facility not only has their own specialty in regards to available products, but also their own designs as the block prints are all carved by hand for each factory.

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