Despite all the fun she has while finding amazing things for the shop, Katey took a day off! And what better way to escape from the world than at the movies. Katey and a friend of hers went to see a new Hindi thriller called “Main Aur Charles”. It told the “inspired by real events” story of a jail break from the highest security prison in Delhi in 1986 and the eventual recapture of Charles Sobhraj.

Though Katey does not speak Hindi, the film was engrossing, entertaining, and beautifully shot. Luckily, Katey’s companion was able to clarify a couple of points as the story unfolded, but over all, a well crafted film will be able to communicate despite language barriers.

Indian films are an experience all to themselves, and its well worth the afternoon! In the main cities you can find English language and/or subtitled movies, but the Hindi ones are fun just for the experience. They are inexpensive, some theaters rival the best in the US, and the audience is always appreciative of the entertainment. This typically means a little more interaction with the drama on screen than is typically the norm in the US. But it’s all part of the experience!

If you find yourself wilting from the heat, or wanting to get away from the crowds and aren’t in the mood for another museum or fort while in India, try watching a movie. You may not understand all the dialogue, but you will understand the emotions, the dancing, the tension, and the drama. And remember, there is always an intermission so you can refill your drink!


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