One of our favorite things to buy in Nepal are yak wool shawls. Yaks are native to the Himalayas, and as such, their wool is extremely warm. The wool is used in a variety of applications, with the outer layers utilized in ropes, tents, and rugs, and the under layers used in clothing, such as the shawls. The under layer is harvested in the spring as the yaks shed the warm layer for the summer. The yak wool, much like that of sheep and goats, is washed, carded, and spun into yarn.

Our yak wool shawls, made from this yarn, are warm, soft, and very durable. Yak wool is warmer than merino wool, is comparable to cashmere in softness, is hypoallergenic and less itchy than most wools, remains warm even when wet, and is particularly breathable. They are machine washable (though we do recommend line drying rather than the dryer as with any other wool products), come in amazing colors, and add a lovely textural element to any outfit or living space. They are great to use for pet beds, or as a small blanket for cuddling on the couch. They are also perfect for those fall days where the weather cannot make up its mind.

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