Katey spent the morning with our friends at M.E.S.H. (Maximizing Employment to Serve the Handicapped). We have been in love with this organization, and especially their stuffed toys and batiks, since the day we found them.

MESH works with organizations throughout India who provide employment and handicraft skills to people with physical and mental disabilities. They act as the Fair Trade Cooperative for all the organizations they represent to ensure safe and healthy and fair working conditions for a population who face a lack of social safety net and a life of exploitation.

Katey picked out a bunch of the shop favorites, including Kashmiri papier-mache, hand painted coaster sets, stuffed elephants of every size and color, beaded jewelry, cards, and a couple new batiks.

You can check out their amazing work at www.mesh.org.in and pick up your new favorite things in the shop soon!


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