In between the logistics of purchasing and shipping, Katey has taken the time to visit a few fun places in Delhi. She visited India Gate and the Presidential Palace one morning, then the National Rail Museum on another day.

India Gate is the center of New Delhi. New Delhi was built by the British at the beginning of the 20th century when they moved their capital from Calcutta to Delhi. It was meant to bring the best of Europe to a planned city in which Britain could rule their empire. However, the city, planned by Luyten, which took 16 years to build, was only used by Britain for another 16 years until India was granted its independence.

The Rail Museum is a must for all train aficionados, or for someone looking for something a little different. It’s also great for children as it has a playground in the middle, toy train models, and a mini train ride around the museum. As Katey is not really up on her train history, it was an informative couple of hours spent wandering.

When in Delhi, it is worth seeking out the big tourist draws such as Red Fort and India Gate, but it can be just as interesting to seek out the local treasures, such as the Rail Museum. It is through exploring both the big and small that you will be able to truly experience a culture.


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