Katey had a really fun morning with the boys from Tara, one of the charities we feature in our shop. She tagged along on their field trip to Delhi’s Red Fort to learn about a part of Delhi’s history. The boys were so much fun to hang out with, from rocking out to Bollywood hits in the car to exploring the fort including backflip demonstrations, hand feeding biscuits to chipmunks, and wearing the best headgear to help keep the historical figures straight during the stories.

Hazel, our incredible tour guide, made the stories come alive which kept the attention of most of the boys for most of the time (which is a talent!). She also provided juice and cookies, and fun trivia. The boys were delightful, respectful, and full of energy. Katey felt that she needed a nap when she was home! All in all, it was a really fun morning. It was also a good reminder of how much our support can help make a difference in the lives of many.

You can check out the work that Tara does at their website: http://www.taraindia.org/


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