Francesca and Claudia spent a pleasant afternoon exploring Hauz Kaus Village and the ruins of the madras (school). Hauz Kaus, meaning Royal Tank, is named after the water tank it was built next to. The tank was originally constructed during the reign of Alauddin Khalji, who ruled 1296-1316. The water was collected in it mainly during the monsoon season and used throughout the year by the people in the area. The tank later dried up due to lack of maintenance but was restored during the reign of Feroz Shah Tughllaq (1351-88). At the same time Feroz Shah also built the Madrasa-e-Feroz Shahi around the south western edge of the tank . This was an institution of higher education and was endowed by the emperor himself . It’s reputation as a premier center of learning was enhanced because it employed teachers who were scholars of note . It attracted students from far and wide. The college buildings were arranged around an L-shape around the southeastern corner of the Hauz Kaus , giving the rooms a good view over the expanse of water. On the other side the side, the buildings were edged by a beautiful garden.

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