Francesca and Claudia visited the Amber Fort, one of the most famous sites in Jaipur. It’s possible to ride an elephant, or take a jeep, but they chose to walk up, and up, and up to get into the fort. It would have been a nicer hike if it weren’t for the persistent hawkers along the way. It was all good once they were in the fort. It was interesting exploring all the nooks and crannies, stairs, and balconies imagining what life was like when it was filled with people. At times, as they went up and down narrow passages and stairs, getting lost, they thought they might be stuck in there for ages. They thought the watering system, made of pots and pulleys, that brought water to all of the levels of the fort, and the cooling system, quite ingenious. Most of the ornamentations were no longer there, but there were enough to get the idea how grand the palace was, especially the mirror palace and the Ganesh doorway. They thought it was well worth the climb up and down to see the fort.

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