Francesca and Claudia enjoyed another day in beautiful Udaipur sightseeing with a rickshaw driver they met named Chill. Chill took them to several places near Udaipur he thought they should see, including a garden with several fountains that was built for the princess and her 48 maidens to escape the city for a bit, a folk art museum, where they saw a fun puppet show, a place where there are memorials for more than 370 members of the ruling family going back hundreds of years, and some incredible temples. All were good to see, but Claudia’s favorite was the royal centophs because she was awe struck that there were so many of them and some so intricately carved. Francesca liked the Sas Bahu temples the best because of the carvings. They also both were impressed with the skill of the puppet masters at the folk museum.
After a long day it was nice to relax on the roof top terrace of their hotel and watch the sun go down.

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