Another beautiful day in Udaipur and another adventure! Today Claudia and Francesca went out into the country side to visit Kumbhalgarh Fort. The fort has the longest perimeter wall in the world after the Great Wall of China at 36 kilometers. Getting there was kind of exciting in itself. They drove through little villages where they got a glimpse of country life, and up narrow switchback roads barely wide enough for one car so it was hair-raising when they met an oncoming vehicle, especially when it was a truck or bus. They did have to wait a bit when a bus broke down blocking the road. With everybody off the bus pushing it, they managed to move it enough for traffic to squeeze by on the narrow shoulder, with a long drop off on the side. Most of the bus riders road on top of another bus that came along, the rest had to try to hitch hike.
The fort walls were massive when they finally got there. It was another long walk up to the top of the fort in the 90 degree heat, but they did it! The buildings in the fort were empty but the views were worth the climb.

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