Today was a mixture of shopping and sightseeing for Francesca and Claudia. They spent the morning doing some work. They visited Sadhna, a local women’s cooperative, where Francesca found a few things she had to bring back to Sankara. Then they went to another cooperative, where they ran into a couple from Shoreline who had actually shopped at Sankara before. What a small world! This store made a coat for Judy Dench for the Marigold Hotel movies which Francesca and Claudia thought was pretty cool. Claudia ended up having them make one for her, too.
After shopping they went to the City Palace Museum in Udaipur. It was very, very large. Some parts were quite ornate. Only a small part of the huge palace is open for the tour. They enjoyed learning more about the history of the maharashtra and seeing the archetecture. To end the day, they went on a sunset cruise around Lake Pichola. This gave them s different view of the city, the palace, and their hotel.

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