Francesca and Claudia took a quick flight to Lucknow to visit with Shahana, Sankara’s favorite chikan embroiderer, to see what she has been working on. While in Lucknow, they visited the Bara Imambara, Lucknow’s most well known monument. They had fun going up and down the dark narrow passages in the famous labyrinth, only getting lost a couple of times. They managed to find their way to the top where they could enjoy the view, but didn’t find the treasure rumored to be hidden in the maze. Claudia thought the penguin garbage cans in the gardens were hilarious and didn’t quite fit in with the surroundings.
They got to meet with Shahana and were awed by her skill at embroidery. They loved the kurtis and dresses she had finished and Francesca is excited to show them at Sankara.

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