Francesca and Claudia are getting ready to head back home. It’s been a wonderful adventure. Claudia enjoyed her first time in India. It was a lot like she expected it to be after watching Amazing Race and doing some reading. She found the people to be really nice and the traffic chaotic. She’ll remember India for it’s monuments, old buildings and architecture, as she enjoyed having centuries of history come alive. It was also good seeing the diversity of people, the bright colors they wear, having chai, seeing the cows in the road, and the monkeys, camels, and elephants. Riding in rickshaws was fun and a great way to get around in the cities. She found traveling by train between cities to be better than she expected and enjoyed that, too. She was glad she didn’t have to drive herself. There was so much shopping that could be done! Seeing the handicrafts was nice, especially when they could see the crafter making them. And so many markets, from high end to touristy, to the local markets, good negotiating skills are a help. She’ll bring a bigger suitcase next time. She also really enjoyed the food. She tried lots of new things and found them all to be very tasty and nothing was too spicy. She had a wonderful time and is looking forward to the next time she can visit Incredible India!

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