When thinking of fashion and India, saris are most likely the first thing to pop into your head. And while they are beautiful and flattering on every body, it can seem a little out of place to wear one in daily life outside of the subcontinent. But, saris can be used in a multitude of ways, not just for clothing!

A sari is a piece of fabric that is typically around 6 meters in length. It is wrapped around the body in a variety of ways depending on the region from which the woman originates, but has the ability to cover her from head to toe. Saris can be made from any fabric, and with an endless variety of color, patterns, and embellishment. The sari is typically worn with a long underskirt, called a petticoat, with a drawstring waist, and a cropped top called a blouse or choli. When buying a new sari, the fabric is unhemmed and can come with an extra length from which the blouse would be stitched. Before the new sari can be worn, a tailor edges the sari and sews in a fall – a strip of plain cotton in a matching color along the bottom on the inside of the sari in order to protect the fabric from the shoes while walking, and to help the sari hang correctly by adding weight. It also denotes the sari as being used as all new saris are sold without the fall pre-sewn into the fabric.

Saris are also a great way to update the look of a space. Whether as curtains, valences, wall hangings, ceiling covers, or tablecloths, a sari can update a room with some creative draping and a few pushpins in minutes. Or, by cutting up the fabric, you can create almost anything!


At Sankara, we we have a wide-ranging selection of saris and items made from re-purposed saris. We carry both new and vintage saris in a variety of prints, colors, and materials, though our favorites are the blockprinted organic cotton from Bagru, a village just outside of Jaipur. We also have a selection of items created from reused saris such as our line of jewelry by I Was a Sari, shopping totes and shoulder bags, curtains, handkerchiefs, and more! Come see our selection in the shop!


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