One of the first items we sourced for the shop, even back in 2012, are these fabulous soapstone carvings. From boxes to vases to the elephants which have elephants inside (and sometimes one inside that one too for good measure!), the skill and artistry of the soapstone carvers is unmatched.

Passed down through generations, the art of soapstone carving goes back hundreds of years. A block of soapstone is selected, the design chosen, and the carving begins. Each piece is carved from a single block of stone, though how they carve the things inside of the things remains a mystery to us as that is considered to be a trade secret!

Once the item is carved, it can remain as is, or you can polish it to release a deep sheen and bring out the variations in the stone which can range from a pearly grey to pinks and greens depending on the minerals in the rocks where it is mined.


At Sankara, we carry a wide range of soapstone products, including figurines, boxes, vases, candle holders, and other objects which need to be seen in person!

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