Looking for that perfect go to piece for summer? Our hand embroidered dresses are cool, comfortable, and versatile! Each dress is a wearable work of art guaranteed to get compliments every time you wear it. You can wear the dress all year long by layering it over jeans or leggings or by adding sweaters and scarves. They also make fabulous cover ups for the beach or  easy dresses to run your errands on hot days. And, you won’t find these anywhere else as they are made exclusively for us by our friend, Shahana!

Katey and Shahana worked together to design the perfect style of dress for the PNW. Shahana then took those plans and had each dress cut and stitched. After stitching, each dress is stamped with a unique pattern in a washable blue ink. That pattern is then embroidered onto the dress. Each one can take up to 15 days to embroider, depending on the pattern and the amount of work in the design. The dresses are then washed to remove the ink, ironed, folded, and shipped to the shop. As each one is made by hand, no two are the same. If you find one you love, be sure to take it home as there won’t be another just like it!


At Sankara, we carry a selection of the exclusive hand embroidered dresses in sizes from XS to XL. We also have hand embroidered tops through XXL.

(Select photos by Dana of Urban Utopia Photography)

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