Pewter, a mix of primarily tin with a little copper and antimony added for strength, has been used for jewelry since the bronze age. It is also still classified as a precious metal, though an affordable one! While pewter used to be made with lead, which is known to be toxic to people, the pewter jewelry made today is now lead-free. This makes it safe to be worn. And as an added bonus, it’s now considered to be hypoallergenic due to the low (typically 1%) copper content and lack of nickel. This makes pewter jewelry the perfect gift for everyone!

Our pewter jewelry is created in Turkey. Our collection features a variety of modern clean lines and geometric shapes, as well as classic Turkish and Ottoman themes including swirls, asymmetry, and floral decorations.


At Sankara we carry a wide range of jewelry including rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings. You’re sure to find your new favorite! The latest batch from Istanbul will be in the shop on August 9th.

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