Katrina was busy in Turkey this summer! Frustrated with the bags she found, Katrina worked with a few artists in Istanbul to design her own laptop bag. These exclusive bags are the perfect bag to carry your laptop and essentials as you run from coffee shop to meeting to home.


As she wanted something pretty as well as durable, these bags feature beautiful hand-loomed silk velvets made by women in villages in Uzbekistan. The silk velvets are not only stunning in person, but silk remains strong no matter the weather. To further increase the strength of the bags, leather, hand selected by Katrina to complement and enhance the velvets, form the sides and the bottom of the bags. Not only does this maintain the shape of the bag, it adds an additional layer of strength and protection for your laptops inside. The straps are also adjustable with a buckle to be the perfect length for you. Finally, the bags are lined with a heavy duty linen. The seams of the linen are all turned in, including for the pocket, so that not only will they last longer, but they also won’t split and get caught on your cables! The laptop bags fasten with a hidden magnet at the top to keep your papers in, but easy to see that you have what you need to grab and go!


Meant to last for years of heavy use, these bags are not only colorful and fun, but your go-to as you conquer the world! All designs are limited, so be sure to get your favorite before it’s gone. They also make fabulous gifts for the on-the-go person in your life!

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