It’s getting to be that time where Katrina, and her adventure companions, head to India! Katrina will be trying to post as frequently as possible. She will post daily if she can, but that is entirely dependent on internet connection. By following here, you can keep tabs on their adventures and see the amazing places they will visit. You can also see some of the amazing handicrafts that you’ll soon be able to buy in the shop, And some will be listed here on the new website!

On this adventure, we will be flying into Mumbai. So we’re sure there will be quite the shock for those who have yet to experience the bustle of India! It also appears as though the weather is warmer than usual for this time of year. This is something Katrina is not as excited about. She prefers the moderately hot weather of November and December, but right now it appears that India has other plans for her! So that means she’s currently rethinking what she’s packing…

As part of the tour package, Katrina met with the group last month. This allowed the group to meet and get to know each other. It also meant they were able to ask any questions they might have to the group. They covered everything from the visa process to the airports to packing to general information and customs that are a bit different than home. Katrina provided everyone with a folder that included all the tips and guides and itineraries. The packet also included a handy info sheet for those at home with flights, time zone differences, and emergency contact info.

Throughout the trip, Katrina will be bringing you observations from her and the women on the tour who have both never been to India before. You’ll get to experience Incredible India through their eyes, as well as through Katrina’s more experienced ones. There will be fabulous pictures and honest reactions. While every trip to India is unique, be sure to sign up for the next one early to save your space and see India yourself!

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