Pestemals are our current summer obsession. A flat woven towel, pestemals are the perfect, versatile piece for any adventure you find yourself on; camping, traveling, hiking, picnicking, swimming, or general home use. The pestemals carried in our shop are made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton and dyes, and they are hand-loomed in Southeast Turkey on traditional looms by fair trade artisans. The towels take up to 3 days each to weave, depending on the pattern of the weave.

The pestemals are in a bath sheet size, but due to the flat weave style, they are easily packed into small spaces. Yet they are 3-6 times more absorbent than the most towels available on the market. They also remain soft and pliable after use when hung to dry, are naturally anti-bacterial, and will last up to 30 years with regular use. They are also machine washable (and dryable)!!! All of which makes them the best towels you never knew you needed in your life!


Caring for your pestemals

While the towels take little care in the long run, they do take a little seasoning to get started. Organic cotton is not naturally absorbent to start. Its natural inclination is to float! As our pestemals are not chemically treated, they need to be “seasoned” in order to help them “learn” to wick moisture. In order to jump start your pestemals, just submerge and work into a tub, sink, or bucket of cold water and leave to soak for 12-24 hours. Then wring out the towels and toss in the dryer. Throughout the life of your pestemal, please refrain from fabric softener or bleach.


At Sankara, we carry a variety of patterns and colors of pestemals to suit any decor or occasion. Find your new favorite towels either in the shop, or soon to be in our online shop!

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