While we were in Bhuj, we were lucky enough to meet up with Ramji, a master weaver. He creates amazing scarves and other textiles featuring local embroidery designs woven into the design. He uses organic cotton, organic dyes, and traditional techniques to create beautiful accessories. Ramji first starts with dyed cottons which he then spins into threads using traditional looms. Each scarf is then hand loomed on a custom built loom at his workshop. It can take 3-4 days to make a scarf, depending on the design.


Not only are the scarves hand loomed, but they each feature traditional local motifs tied into the weave. This creates an embroidered effect, but is technically tied into the textile while weaving. These designs are not only done by hand, but are completed on both ends. Ramji does not use a set drawn pattern, he uses his years of experience to eye the distances to create symmetrical designs. Many of the scarves feature a variety of weaving techniques including ikat, stripes, and multitone as well as the embroidered motifs. Ramji draws his inspiration for his work from his cultural upbringing and the natural landscape around him. His designs are often named for the landmarks nearby. Ramji is glad that he is able to follow in his family’s footsteps and continue the tradition of weaving. He hopes his children will one day take over his looms and keep the art form alive for generations to come!


In the shop you’ll find a wide selection of one of a kind, hand loomed scarves made in Bhuj! You can also find them listed in our online shop here! Sign up to receive the Newsletter Exclusive Discount, or come see them in the shop on Main Street.

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