In honor of our anniversary month, we are featuring one of our favorite items in the shop – our handcrafted stuffed toys! The stuffed toys we feature in our shop are created by our artisan friends at both MESH in India and Nahil Dukkan in Turkey.

MESH, or Maximizing Employment to Serve the Handicapped, is one of our favorite organizations in India. They work with a variety of artisans from around India to provide gainful employment and opportunities to those suffering from leprosy or living with a variety of disabilities. Some of the toys are made in a workshop by trained seamstresses living with a variety of disabilities while some are made in the artisans’ homes.

Nahil Dukkan is an organization in Turkey which provides training, education, and employment for disadvantaged women throughout Turkey using the handicraft skills passed down through the generations.

All of our toys are hand selected by Katey and Francesca on their adventures in India and Turkey. By buying directly from the organizations, we are able to provide the maximum benefit to the artists crafting the toys. All of the toys are not only handcrafted, but are created using the best organic cottons, and dyes which are approved by the EU for use by all ages.


In the shop we carry a variety of stuffed toys from snails to elephants to dolls. As each item is handcrafted, no two pieces will be the same. Throughout all of June, all our toys are 10% off!

Photos by Urban Utopia Photography and Francesca Cohn.

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